Thoughts in Time Samuel Trippi

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108 pages


Thoughts in Time  by  Samuel Trippi

Thoughts in Time by Samuel Trippi
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My poetry spans over 20 years. If not for my motheras constant insistence, I would not have dreamed of publishing these personal thoughts. They are my deepest and most personal demons. They haunt me in my sleep and cloud the sun from my day. Now I share them with you. I grew up a military brat. My father was an Air Force enlisted member and we would move every two to three years.

I lived in several countries and states, including: England, Belgium, Kansas, Colorado, Hawaii, Ohio, Texas, Alabama and South Carolina. After leaving high school, I joined the Air Force myself and have retired after 22 years. The basis of my poetry is centered on making and leaving friends. I learned at a young age to never become attached to friends. I accepted the path of being a loner and never depended on others.

My truest friends have always been the dogs that I have had by my side. Over time, my wife, Deborah, is my closest and only confidant. I loved to read and obtained this love of books from my mother. Poetry and music have always been the means of expressing my inner thoughts and feelings.

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